Ishwar Puri is the initiate of His beloved Master Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji and founder of ISHA - Institute for the Study of Human Awareness in Chicago.
Ishwar Ji since his birth in Punjab, India, has always been in very close presence of Baba Sawan Singh. Hazur used to have him sitting on His lap while conducting Satsangs.
Dr. Ishwar C Puri, the former senior official with Indian government, graduate of Harvard University, is teaching Spirituality in America, as requested by His Sant Satguru, Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji.

Ishwar C PuriMeditation is the art of withdrawing our attention from experience to the experiencer. Meditation is the art of reversing the direction of attention from the illusion to the reality of consciousness. Ishwar Puri
Ishwar Puri refers on occasions to human body's chakras, but warns us: "Don't go after the little tricks of the six chakras below, of these energy centers. Don't be fooled by the beautiful colors and experiences and think this is a spiritual experience. Don't waste your time." We have to meditate and be between, behind and above the physical eyes. "Don't go downward from there to find spirituality and truth".
Ishwar Puri Ji says - To close your eyes and imagine we are sitting in the head behind the eyes is itself a good start to practice meditation.
Mind is a machine within time and space, powered by the Soul.